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Chalton Happening

I was asked by curator Christina Ramos and Helena Lugo to contribute to the John In A Cage show at the Chalton Gallery, 22nd – 23rd of January 2016.

‘John in a cage’ is a curatorial exercise composed by a series of performances and the display of works accordingly to the spirit of John Cage. Most of the pieces directly employ some of Cage’s strategies such as instructions, chance elements, text and unpredictable sounds whereas in others the reference is kept more abstract. Likewise the I-Ching, an ancient divination text often used by Cage in his compositions, has been utilise to layout the artworks and the departure point of the performances in the gallery space.’

For this retrospective on Cage’s influence on contemporary art practices, I made the piece Chalton Happening, which included hanging sculptural percussion, sine-tones, text scores and audience participation.

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